Keylogger and benefits it brings for business

Every employer knows that running any business is hard. Besides never-ending paper routine bosses face a strong need of keeping everything under control. Especially employee monitoring.

The biggest financial losses occur due to information leaks. This is why it is important to know what all workers do during their working hours.

The other problem is lazy staff. They prefer spending their time drinking coffee or browsing via the internet instead of work. Mostly they pretend being the hardest working people in the office.

Employee tracking is pretty simple when company is small. About seven people in one department, where everyone knows exactly what the others do. But what if there is an enterprise that counts thousands of workers?

To keep an eye on them, one needs a controller for each. Huge expenses or too stressing atmosphere can ruin it all.

However, there is a way of spying on everyone secretly. This method requires minimum expenses and was tested in big companies with 99% positive result.

It goes about innovative computer monitoring software, which was made for detailed computer tracking. It records every step user takes online, storing browser data, together with time spent on each site.


The scheme is quite simple. This software should be installed on each PC of the group. It is hard to detect it, as it does not show up on desktop and in browser. Users will never define this computer tracking software.

The all is connected to a virtual server where it folds all information about users’ online activity. It creates a folder, tied to each PC, saving all links, time spent on each website and every message sent.

Some apps are adjustable to saving screenshots on chosen period, for example, every five seconds.

To check any user – log into server, find a corresponding folder. Use search to find something in particular.

  Operating system

Most employers ask about operating system as their main problem is when half of the users have Windows. The other half – MacOS.

This employee monitoring software runs on Windows, Android and MacOS.

Basic functions

  • social networks activities tracking;
  • rime spent on certain Web sites and in certain applications;
  • URL’s folding;
  • applications tracking (launched and closed);
  • files and documents copying ;
  • messages and emails monitoring and copying;
  • screenshots of desktop.

It means that absolutely every step is recorded, keeping boss aware of any information leak. Moreover, it often becomes a super power that helps to identify and stop spies.

More companies refer to Keyloggers to be aware of their workers’ secret lives. This is the smartest way to protect data and save enterprise’s reputation or money.

It is no longer a secret that wily opponents send their people to spy on inner policy and get fast access to needed data. Mostly such files are transferred via companies’ computers. Only this software can show you who and when leaked it.

Even if it was first printed and then taken out of office – Keylogger would show you. It saves all printed materials as well.