Business environment and keylogger: is there a need for monitoring?

Importance of keylogging software in the office

Once in a while, every boss gets curious regarding his staff’s online activity and whether they are doing the best they can to maintain productivity for the company’s benefit. Numerous surveys show that working hours are often spent on social networks, chatting with friends and significant others or simply shopping online. Today, managers decide to choose keystroke recorder tools to monitor employees and make sure they don’t waste time in vain and not selling or disclosing sensible information.

Company leaders also using keyloggers to evaluate their employees and using this software, it is easier to evaluate someone’s professional performance. This product is running stealthily and cannot be detected by the user. With reliable software you can monitor every office computer and be aware of every website visited as a manager can monitor what employees are typing at real time, this concerns everything: passwords, usernames, typed documents, personal and work-related chats, spreadsheet formulas and much more. Every manager realizes that employees’ productivity is the key to success, therefore it is vital to understand what your team members are engaged in: playing video games, reading, watching movies, browsing social media, chatting, or working on non-company projects. All these activities are distracting from the main one – working.

Purely entertaining activities are not as serious as corporate espionage that is often taking place at tech and manufacturing field, and in most cases is an inside job. In this case keylogger software is vital as can save from significant losses.

As a rule, all captured keystrokes are saved as well as organized by date, time and app used so that it will be easy finding required information.

Key features of keylogger software

Business owners, who want to know working status of their staff and boost overall productivity, should carefully think about implementing keystroke recorder into the working environment. Every option software offers is exceptionally important as it gathers all data stored on target PC and keeps you aware regarding any activity performed. Other features include:

  • Recording of every visited web page;
  • Capturing desktop screenshots in a set period;
  • Monitoring and recording of every keystroke input on any app;
  • Chats from MSN and Skype are recorded as well;
  • It is possible to monitor numerous user accounts on one PC;
  • Easy to operate.

Today, the use of keylogger software by employees is rather common as everyone is interested in own business’ prosperity and want to have full control over his office. Such product is a valuable asset of safeguarding against liability, theft, and even lost productivity. It is completely legal to monitor employees’ PC during work hours, and especially if they are using company’s laptops.

Most keylogger products are easy to configure and available in numerous languages; some of them are recommended for home or office monitoring, so before choosing one, it is important to study all available features.

With the right monitoring, the product manager will be aware of everything that’s going on in the office and ably to prevent serious damages to the company’s activity.

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