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Why keylogger software in used in a business environment?

Keylogger users admit that they were the impressed with the performance of the monitoring software. Managers were shocked how much time their staff members used in vain while in the office and using working PSs. A lot of time was spent on social networking and settling personal affairs. Many business owners wish to know how employees use the internet and whether it is harmful to the company. Therefore, keylogging software is great demand nowadays. Probably, this is the main reason why huge companies, who care about own profits provided Internet access restrictions for MSN, Facebook, and other numerous social networks.

A keylogger’s main purpose, so much wanted by business owners, is keeping track on every keystroke made on the target PC by staff members during working hours.  Apart from that option, keystroke recorder has other invaluable features to impress:

  • Taking screen shots in set time intervals;
  • Capturing passwords entered by users on the target PC;
  • Monitoring messaging and chatting sessions;
  • Monitoring web searching history;
  • Viewing running and downloaded apps;
  • Viewing sent and received emails; listen to recorded video conversation and much more.

Possibilities of keystroke recorder

If you are keen to know more about monitoring products online, it is easy to find a lot of useful information. There are types of software available – free and paid ones. Before buying or downloading the one, you should clearly understand your objectives and look for recommendations and online reviews posted by users. Here are common features available for free and paid services:

  • Keylogger software provides a possibility to look through web browsing history and logs every visited web page with an indication of date and time spent on the website. CEOs may find out how many hours employees spent visiting social networks, online gaming websites or online casinos and how it affected their productivity;
  • Access to computers’ microphone and webcam. Keylogger software guarantees that you will hear every conversation, video chats, and other sounds. Web camera captures images according to indicated periods of time;
  • Keystrokes logging. Monitoring product is expected to track every running app on target PC as well as all the text input in various messaging apps as Skype, Messenger. Software is also provided with desktop screenshots at certain periods of time;
  • Access to emails, documents, are available for your remote tracking.

Installing keylogger software on company’s computers is legal and helps employers to evaluate the performance of the office staff along with making sure that working hours aren’t spent on online shopping, playing, chatting with friends and significant others. With the help of gathered data it is possible to prevent data theft along with corporate espionage, make sure that employees are polite with customers and business partners.

How to choose suitable keylogger software?

While choosing suitable keylogger service to install, consider following points:

  • Make sure there is password protection. Free versions often omit this feature; therefore, it is possible changing configuration or even disabling keylogger software;
  • Stealth mode of operation is vital to stay undetectable. This feature ensures that your monitoring software quietly runs in the background, therefore, doesn’t attract attention of the target PC’s user;
  • Look for software with user-friendly interface. In this case, you will be able configuring the settings by yourself – without additional professional assistance.

Keylogger is a powerful service that will become loyal assistance in maintaining successful and profitable business operation.

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